Real Fruit Smoothie No Added Sugar and No Added Ice

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Hawaiian Whole Fruit Smoothie FREE Recipe

Written and Copyright By: E.J. Sanders

Brought to you by downtown Honoka’a's oldest restaurant.

I freeze any fruit we use is prepped mostly in zip locks bags, or in food grade plastic buckets so long as the fruit is mostly lying flat, it’ll be easier to complete the next step.

Then, I simply let the frozen fruit thaw for a few minutes before I use my butcher knife which has good strong leverage to it to break it into blend-able sizes.


Once cut up, I can store it in the freezer in bags. One whole pineapple is a good fruit prep and so are as many bananas you have, peeled and frozen into 1”-2” chunks. Or you might’ve picked up a plastic box of Strawberries at the store, in Hawai’i that’ll cost approximately $7.99 at KTA in Waimea. Mind you, they are grown literally within a mile of the grocery store and still cost that much. Peeled and cut in half, those will last three weeks if you use three halves each time. I find that strawberries are too tart to use alone and that’s how I come up with my combinations in Hawai’i Simply Natural Restaurant; by  combinations which use fruits to accentuate their flavors rather than over power one another. 

Of course, in the restaurant, I have multiple, small cutting boards to use when cutting different fruits for smoothies. Like these and I like how they’re BPA free. Color coordinated is good for designating which colors will be used with meats and not cross contaminated with fresh veggies/fruits.

Today, we’re making the Honoka’a Smoothie, one of our most popular. How do I know what is most popular? Most popular is  proven over time, when people of all ages gravitate towards this combination without any prompting from me. 

The following 16 ounce  recipe has zero added sugar and zero added ice. I use a Hamilton Beach Commercial Blender available with Free Shipping here

Honoka’a Smoothie

Strawberry * Pineapple * Banana

2-3 Frozen Strawberry Chunks

1 cup Frozen Pineapple Chunks

1 Cup Frozen Banana Chunks

13 ounces of Purified Water

Blend on low, working the frozen fruit, I jam it into the blades using a safe blender tool, an upside down rice paddle works too, through the opening in the lid. Obviously, you’re not going to jam your tool into the blades, be logical and safe about it and never put your fingers in a running blender! Safety First. 

Once the fruit gets chopped up, place it on high to smooth out your beverage which is thick like a shake adding any additions now like, a tablespoon of Chia or Hemp Seeds.

Coconut Oil tastes amazing and is very popular with my guests. Plus, it tastes like tropical should taste. After I drink a real fruit smoothie with coconut oil in it, within an hour, my lips are noticeably plumper and moist.

Other additional ingredients we offer our customers are and specifically for my Pinterest friends I suggest adding a heavy tablespoon of any of the following however, adjust the measurement with your taste :

Hemp Seeds

Chia Seeds

Spirulina - locally grown, Hawai’i value added product

Peanut Butter

Roselani Ice Cream


Protein - United States plant based


People sometimes want to switch out the water for Almond Milk which tastes so amazingly delicious. Sign up for my emailing list so I can offer you a free recipe ebook with my Acai Bowls recipe included in there.

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