Honoka'ope Bay: Quintessential Hawai'i Island Beach Cove


Honoka'ope Bay: Quintessential Hawai'i Island Beach Cove

Written by and @ Copyright Ej Sanders 2019

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Always use Reef Safe Sunscreen on this Planet. Mahalo.

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What you can find at Honoka’ope Bay.

  1. Epic Snorkeling

  2. Quintessential powdery, black sand beach

  3. Gorgeous location for SUP

  4. Kid Friendly

  5. Walking paths

  6. Tennis Courts

  7. If you fish from the shoreline or dive for fish, this is a good spot. Please remember; no waste. Mahalo

  8. Easy Access; no wheelchair cement path for the last fifty feet. Please be aware. The rest of the way is paved and wheel chair accessible.

EJ’s Deets for Honoka’ope Bay, Hawai’i Island. Check it.

You find this route within the Mauna Lani Drive Circle. Please observe the speed limit. Proceed, cautiously, to take the last right off the roundabout to Honoka’ope Bay. It is easy to find.

  • This is my favorite beach to go swimming early in the morning. I hardly stay past 10am as that is when the beach begins to fill up with the usual, daily, beach goers.

  • This is a security entrance beach so please be aware that the later you go the more often the beach parking is full. Below you will see a picture of the limited parking. Of course, there is a security entrance because this beach is now surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. In the State of Hawai’i it is illegal to block any beach access. It is illegal because the indigenous culture of Hawai’i requires shoreline access to gather food.

  • Excellent snorkeling in this protected inlet. You know that the earlier you go the better visibility at any bay you snorkel at.

  • This beach is also fantastic for SUP. Honoka’ope Bay fronts a large cove where you can paddle along the cliffline. This is for experienced paddlers. Please do not put yourself in harms way. Mahalo. Remember safety first and there is no lifeguard. That being said, it is the place I take my family.

  • No lifeguard here

  • Bathrooms

  • Tennis Court; first come - first serve

  • Only 1 Outdoor shower

  • No BBQ pits

  • No tables

  • No shade

Local tip: look for Maui in the distance. When you stand on the sand here, you see Kohala mountain, Hawai’i Island. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Haleakala in the distance.




Honoka’ope Bay Photos By: Ej Sanders.

Also, unfortunately, this epic bay has a ‘haole’(foreign) name for it as well but, please disregard that name and strive to pronounce Hawaiian. This bay is pronounced with long ‘o’, soft ‘a’ and a hard ‘e’. “Hoe-no-kah-oh-pay”.

Honoka’ope Bay Great for SUP

Honoka’ope Bay Great for SUP

Hawai’i Big Island travel tips.

Hawai’i Big Island travel tips.

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