Georgia O'Keefe Inspired Hibiscus Painted Mason Jars DIY

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Let’s get creative with some paint and mason jars.

So many ideas. Here’s just one way and I know I am no Georgia O’keefe, whom we once featured in our art gallery, in the 80’s, in Hana, Maui at Hana Gardenland, our family business. I remember her. As an eight year old, to me she represented the new, west Maui condos, breezy, fresh and rich. She also had a friendly smile for this gangly, haole girl who ran barefoot, as fast as, a roadrunner across gravel for the tourists everyday. My parents hoped my show would stimulate a plant or art sale. Learn more about my life from Hana, Maui to Honoka’a, Hawai’i here.

Please outshine my artistic ability. I found these pour spouts on Amazon here and sold these jars for ten dollars each. They’re wrapped in saran because in the restaurant, I don’t want them catching dust or, road soot while waiting to be purchased.

Pick your design. Understand that you’ll have to wait for drying, between layers of colors so if time is not an issue then maybe a quicker design like mine here would suffice. Feel free to try these flowers if you like them. I’d be flattered because I know they’re simple.

These are exactly the same paints I use. I’ve had them for years. They’re a solid, return investment.

Spray your finished design with clear coat like this one shown here below.

Wash your jar ‘out like normal’ but only wipe down the art on the outside with a moist towel when cleaning.

Use for honey, flax seeds, coconut flakes or anything you can think would make a detail in your life remind you of a creative, thoughtful moment of stress free bliss.

I prefer organic, unsweetened, coconut flakes like these shown here say for my Acai Bowls, available when Hawai’i Simply Natural Restaurant is OPEN! Hard product to find on the island however, sweetened, shredded coconut is in every grocery store.

Send me some email feedback and let me know how yours turned out.

Stay tuned for more variations on a theme.



My version of a tri-color, hybrid hibiscus blowing in the breeze.

My version of a tri-color, hybrid hibiscus blowing in the breeze.

Rafia, shown below and tied in a bow above here is always a lovely touch of ‘Hawaiiana’, island culture. I bet you are more talented at tying your rafia than I am. I like to split the ends for the frayed look but only if I have time for extras. Remember when making products to sell, time is ‘of your essence’, I always like to say.

I buy the mason jars with the smooth side. On my island, Ace Hardware is stocked to the brim with every kind of trending mason jar; the event outlet. Whatever suits your needs but I think someone should try paint the beverage jars, the ones with the handles.

Maybe one day I will but currently, my next project is to replace my salt and pepper shakers with a newly painted set. The thing about these cute, little, mason jar, salt and pepper shakers is that there are no replacement lids. In the tropics, a low quality aluminum lid will rust and discolor. While the art I painted on the glass sets a couple years ago is still like new, the lids are blemishing. I can’t stand that discrepancy so luckily for me I found a stash of matching sets at the Kailua-Kona Ross and what’s amazing is that I hardly ever go there. I just happened to be able to budget in that extra expense the one day I was waiting for my truck to be serviced. I can’t hardly ever find these jars on the island and not even online, considering shipping, would it make sense to buy them any where else. That is one aspect of limited options that are available on an island. Not to deter anyone from visiting. Check out my TOP TEN HAWAI'I ISLAND SPOTS HERE

I’m looking forward to the next moment in time, for the space, to make inanimate objects come to ‘tropical’ life. The feeling of that stress-free state of mind creativity gives me is a moment to savor in our lives. The impression meeting Georgia O’keefe gave me as a child, of not only carrying her art but talking to potential customers about it, made a lifelong impact.

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  1. Gather supplies

  2. Pick your design

  3. Start layering the colors you want - let dry between

  4. Spray clear coat over and let dry thoroughly

  5. Hand wipe clean with damp towel