Hawai'i White 'sugarloaf' Pineapple: Everything you need to know.

White ‘sugarloaf’ pineapple is yellow on the outside just like the common pineapple found in grocery stores. It is the fruit’s flesh that is white. Plus, when I cut into a ripe, white pineapple, the juice squirts out some inches making me jump in delight. Especially because of the flavor difference between the two types of pineapple I mention, is why the white pineapple costs so much more than the other.

We’ve got both white and yellow pineapple growing on our farm. Check out the pictures below and notice how the top looks red.

When you come to Hawai’i Island farmer’s markets you’ll find the white pineapple and I do suggest purchasing one. How will you know when it is ripe so it can spit juice at you too, making you squeal with delight? Let me show you. Also, I’ve got some suggestions on how to use it besides just eating it all up fresh(you can’t go wrong with that though, right?).

Hawai’i White Pineapple Cooking Ideas

  • Throw it in any kind of stir fry towards the end though, so it doesn’t leach all the flavor.

  • Add it to your pork shoulder roast in the crock pot or pressure cooker, add the pineapple juice too, as a tenderizer and natural sweetener.

  • Make it traditionally with your roast holiday ham. Slice it and layer it upon the top. (a classic)

  • Add it in chunks to your kabobs for a delicious break between vegetables (make the kids happy too).

  • Reduce it into a glaze for your fresh fish.

  • Freeze the chunks and throw them into any smoothie. Blend with filtered water because pineapple will sweeten it without any added sugar.

Personal tip: Use a serrated blade knife to cut off the rind.

Hawai’i White Pineapple: When is it ready?

  1. When it smells sweet.

  2. When the skin is mostly yellow and not as green. Check out the pictures below of a ripe white pineapple.

Check out my video below of how it should smell.

Pineapple fruit smoothie recipe. Click here.

Pineapple fruit smoothie recipe. Click here.

Hawai'i White ‘sugarloaf’ Pineapple: Everything you need to know.

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History of White Pineapple

“Pineapples have long been associated with the Hawaiian Islands, to the extent that the pineapple is sometimes used as a symbol of Hawaii,[69] despite the decline of the pineapple industry in that state.[70] Foods with pineapple in them are sometimes known as "Hawaiian" for this reason alone.[71]” Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Pineapple was introduced to Hawai’i at the very end of the 19th century, post illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. I always suggest visitors to Hawai’i read up on Hawaiian kingdom literature to truly know the history of these islands. Try these two books written by the last Monarchy to start. If you’re interested in learning about pre-Kingdom of Hawai’i days please try the third book listed here.

Aloha is not a bottled product but a relationship of cordiality between people.

Aloha is not a bottled product but a relationship of cordiality between people.

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