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Snorkeling at Richardson's Beach Park -Hilo, Hawai'i Island

There are oodles of things to do in Hilo and as a University of Hawai’i Alumni, Richardson’s
Beach Park is still the spot to be. Under rain or shine, the warm weather of Hilo beckons residents and visitors alike to this breathtaking beach front.

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HAPUNA: 'Best' Beach Park in Hawai'i State: Big Island, Hawai'i Travel tips

“what time of day is best to go?

My answer is it depends on how much sun you want. If we go mid day, expect to park at the top unless you have handicap access because it’ll be packed by then. Early morning is best for less sun, you can show your kids the crab holes, let your kids trample the beach with their footprints and echoed laughter first and be able to park closest to the beach itself and under the shade of a tree. Plus, if you’re throwing a party in one of the two pavilions, ‘first come, first serve’. Or, if you need room for your volleyball net, then better to come early to stake out your zone. Another good time to show up is past three o’clock in the afternoon. By the, the sun is heading down, you can still get burned so watch out, but by 4:30, the beach is clearing out, it’s quieting down for the day, the lifeguards go home and the heat begins to dissipate; maybe a chill even begins to rise. “

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Top 10 Big Island Spots I send Ohana

Hawaii Travel Honokaa, Hawaii. Hawaii Island. Big Island. I send my family and friends when they visit me on the island I was lucky to be born and raised on. Check it out here and join our mailing list to hear about places I hardly ever tell anybody about. Sometimes, I post clues.

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Hawai'i Vacation Essentials

What I need on my island day to day is what I suggest you bring. Hawaii Travel. Honokaa, Hawaii. Hawaii Island. Big Island. Hawai’i travel essentials to purchase before you arrive. Everything you could need to prep for your next Hawai’i vacation. Hawai’i Simply Natural Restaurant travel tips. Hawai’i Island.

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