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Downtown Honoka’a’s oldest Restaurant at 26 years and counting, Mahalo to you folks


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Simply Natural Hawai’i restaurant is downtown Honoka’a’s oldest eatery at 26 years and counting serving Breakfast and Lunch all day.

Check out below what we’ve got. Follow some buttons, explore our site. We’ve got a Gift Shop and ship nationwide. We try to open every day and as a family owned-operated business, sometimes that means occasional days off to pick up supplies and/or jump in the ocean once in a while.


Easy to find on Honoka’a town’s front street, near the four-way stop, Waipi’o Valley, Hawai’i Island’s second most visited site is nearby.

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Pick up your take-out a classic Take Out Sandwich, From Hawai’i simply natural on your next Hawaiian adventure down into Waipi’o Valley, Hawai’i County’s second most popular destination!

Aloha is a 2-Way Street! You heard it here first. It’s a relationship between people not a bottled product anyone is entitled to when you arrive on any airlines. Be responsible and Spread Aloha. We have feelings too. We aren’t robots. Please be nice and kind to us.

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We’re doing the best we can to please each and every one of you knowing that we just will never be able to attain that goal. Please work with us to provide you the best service possible in our little historic shop by understanding when we say that we can’t fulfill your desire it’s not personal, it’s small business in our sugar town far from Waikiki. If you’re nice then maybe we’ll tell you about some secret spots.

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